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Privacy policy

RODO information clause. We respect the privacy of people who contact me through any channel (e.g. telephone, e-mail, social networking sites, personal contact). No personal information is stored in the website's database nor shared by this website. Due to the entry into force on May 25, 2018, of the provisions of the EU regulation on the protection of personal data (also called GDPR), this information clause provides information on the scope, legal basis and principles of personal data processing. The Administrator of personal data (from now on referred to as the "Administrator") is Andrzej...

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The domain "", documents, graphics, scripts, and other files making up this website are the property of Andrzej Podszywałow unless marked otherwise. All trademarks are used for informational purposes only and belong to their respective owners unless marked "COPY FREE" or "UNRESTRICTED". The content of this website is subject to the copyright of Andrzej Podszywałow. The copyright to the articles belongs to their authors. Andrzej Podszywałow allows the copying of documents published by him on this website only for private purposes. Copying and distributing for commercial purposes...

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Cookie Policy The Website does not automatically collect any data except for information about using cookies. Cookies (so-called "cookies") are text files that are available in the final user interface of the Website (site visitor) and intended for use from the Website's web pages. Cookies determine the Website from which they come, the time they are stored on the end device and the registration number.The entity that places cookies on the website user's end computer and provides access to the administrator's Website. Cookies are used by the Website only as "technical" files to create statistics...

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Designing financial models

We design stochastic models using random variables, reflecting random processes, mainly for the needs of the decision-making process in conditions of high uncertainty and variability of phenomena. The models are implemented in the Excel environment using specialized software that enables the automation of simulation analysis algorithms and parameter optimization tasks in the objective function. See also Methods of assessing demage Risk measurement Valuation

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Free consultation

As part of our social activities, we do not charge remuneration for occasional consultations provided in good faith and within the scope of professional competence in information and explanations, which should not be confused with an advisory service. We are not responsible for the actions or omissions of our interlocutor related to the topic of the conversation and the information exchanged. It should be borne in mind that consulting/advice results from a detailed analysis of information obtained to provide such a service and is carried out in accordance with professional standards.

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Report verification

If the conclusions of the valuation report constitute the basis for risky decisions, there is a need for an additional, independent assessment. In court cases, clients often ask us to identify questionable elements and weak points in existing opinions formulated by experts and court experts. The client's legal interest requires checking whether it is possible to refute a harmful, unreliable or even factually incorrect opinion in a situation where it could constitute the basis for an unfair judgment. We accept existing valuation reports prepared by other experts for verification. We formulate...

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