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Opinions in compensation proceedings

15 February 2024

Since 1999, we have carried out many court opinions in determining compensation for unfair prices in capital transactions, infringement of copyrights and industrial property rights, and acts of unfair competition. We have many years of experience supporting the process of reaching a settlement based on a reliable assessment of potential profits and the risk of entering a court dispute. The duration of the trial, its costs and the operative part of the judgment are subject to significant uncertainty. In each case, assessing the potential value of the subject matter of the dispute is of fundamental importance.

After 25 years of serving as a court expert and preparing hundreds of opinions commissioned by courts and law firms, we confirm that a rational settlement is usually a good solution; however, if there is no chance of concluding one, the creativity and professionalism of the expert are crucial.

We follow good practice in preparing opinions for procedural purposes and cooperate with many well-known law firms.

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